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OMSB exam

In Oman, the Oman medical speciality board (OMSB) is the entrusted administrative body that has to maintain the best possible criteria and quality standards in the healthcare system. It is a social healthcare committee that is responsible for the proficiency and license of the professionals. All local and foreign experts aspiring to work in the medical field of Oman must get a professional certification and register for the OMSB exam. The healthcare professionals in order to get a permit and practice in Oman has to clear the OMSB exam. The Exam is conducted either oral or online by Prometric. To know further about licensing and guidelines read further.

Who needs an OMSB license?

Everyone from physician to technician needs a license to work in the health care field of Emirates of Oman.

  • Physicians (General / Specialist / Consultant)
  • Dentists (General / Specialist / Assistant)
  • Nurse / Midwife
  • All Allied Health Professionals

License eligibility

The Oman Prometric exam (OMSB) eligibility criteria differ based on the area of your speciality. To get the license you have to pass the Prometric exam with the required percentage in the field of your speciality. Following the examination, you have to get the documents verified for the issue of license. The candidates can schedule their Prometric exam with us. We provide a free Evaluation test. After evaluation, our professional team will revert you with the whole procedure and pricing. The general documents that you have to produce to get the license are as follows:

  • Course Certificate (Professional Certificate from recognized authority)
  • Mark list ( Transcript)
  • Experience Certificates
  • Good Standing Certificate (produced by the medical council of your present working country –Less than six months valid)
  • License from the present working country
  • Passport copy (Front and Back Side)
  • Passport Size Photo with White Background
  • Log Files- this is essential only if you are a surgery specialist Doctor only

The exam guidelines

The Prometric exam is a highly competitive exam that needs regular practice and consistent hard work to attain success. You have to prepare with the help of the best OMSB questions and answers PDF. The more questions you practice the more will be your chance of becoming successful in the exam. You have to understand the OMSB exam syllabus first and then move forward with the preparation. The syllabus of the Prometric exam differs depending on the conducting body of the exam.

OMSB exam syllabus

It is considered to be the toughest Prometric exam. You have a maximum of 3 attempts to crack the exam. Eligibility: if you are a GNM Holder, you should have 2 years of experience. The syllabus is not definite as it differs for a different category. For instance, the nursing syllabus covers the topic from the following

  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Medical
  • Surgical Nursing

Oman Prometric pass mark: Minimum 65%

Crack The Exam With Great Question Banks

Getting familiar with the previous year’s questions and practice tests is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Our Books provides great question banks not just for one or two professions but for all types of medical practitioners. We provide one of the most significant question banks to help students master a subject. The question bank provided by us will have not just hundreds but thousands of questions along with correct answers. The best part is along with answers they give a clear explanation to the answer. Moreover, we have added practice tests to get familiar with the actual Prometric test. The more questions you answer more you will get familiar with the types of questions and the level of the exam. This will make you well prepared for the exam thus increasing your chance of getting success in the exam. Bottom line Regular practice of tons of questions from the best books will take you on the path of success.


  1. what is the pass mark for emergency physician oman prometric a exams?????heard it was revised in 2022

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