Haad Dataflow and Haad License Application Process

HAAD Exam preparation

Do you want to work in AbuDhabi as a Medical Specialist? Here we explain the process of the HAAD Dataflow and Haad License application process.

All of you know that working in the capital city of the UAE requires a HAAD License. AbuDhabi is a beautiful city having many hospitals, clinics, health centers, and pharmacies. There are plenty of Medical job vacancies are reporting day by day. DoH (Department of Health, AbuDhabi), previously known as HAAD (Health Authority of AbuDhabi) has changed its name a couple of years before, But still candidates using the old name.We would like to give you an outline idea about the exam registration and dataflow process till haad exam booking.

Creating the Profile with Doh Website

For Acquiring a Haad License, the first step is to visit the Haad | DoH website and create your profile under a new professional license. You need to enter your basic information and create the account. After completion of the profile, you will be asked to proceed with Dataflow. 

Document Verification

The major part is document verification, Unlike before you don’t need any embassy attestation for your documents. This verification process is called HAAD DATAFLOW. HAAD has appointed Dataflow company to verify all your documents. Furthermore, you can log in and upload all your documents for the Dataflow verification. They will verify all your certificates with the respective issuing authority via email, phone, or in person. And, this process normally takes approximately 30 to 45 days. After completion of verification, they will submit the report to HAAD. If the report is positive, you can go ahead with your application, or else you have 2 options. 1. Send an email to Dataflow for a re-verification in case of a Negative report. 2. End the Process. This is the end process of Haad Dataflow. Then, you can move to the next step. Accordingly, you will receive an email from HAAD to complete your profile. you can find a new user id and password in that email to proceed with the profile completion. After completing your profile, you will get approval within three working days (72 Hours). In any case, If you don’t receive it within three working days, you can write an email to ex**@do*.ae for further help. And, you will receive an application id via email so you can proceed for the next step. 

We help with Haad Licence

The whole process to get a Haad License is like a marathon race sometimes. You need more patience while going with it. We can sincerely support you at this time. We do all process of application for you by taking a nominal charge. Our dedicated team has more than five years of experience with the registration process. They will assess your documents and advise you whether you are eligible or not, or you need to provide any more details/documents. We are specialists in doing the registration of DHA Dataflow, Moh Dataflow, and other gulf countries as well.

HAAD Exam Schedule Process

The final stage of the Haad Dataflow or Haad Licensing process is booking the exam. You can log in using your credentials and book your exam by clicking the “Schedule Exam” under the “e-licensing section.” You need to enter your application number, and the system will show you all your professional details. Then you can schedule your exam by selecting your preferred date and location. furthermore, you will be prompted for the exam fees. Either Oral or CBT Exam will be allotted for you according to your qualification. CBT Exam is conducted for HAAD by Pearson Vue, A leading CBT Exam company across the world. After successful payment, you will receive the “exam ticket.” So print and keep it with you while you attend the exam because the Examiner will ask for it. If you don’t carry it, they will not allow you to participate in the exam. 

Documents required for HAAD License

  1. Passport copy (Both Side)
  2. Passport size photograph (White Background)
  3. Academic Certificate and Mark list/Transcript
  4. Experience Certificate
  5. Good Standing certificate
  6. License | Registration certificate from your Home / Working country
  7. Log File (Only for Surgeons)
  8. BLS Certificate (Especially for Allied Health categories)

Minumim Experience Required for Acquiring Haad License

  • General Doctors – 2 years
  • Specialist Doctors – 3 years
  • Paramedical – 2 years
  • Allied Health – 2 years


In the month of July, 2022 the Ministry has decided to Take off the experience requirement from Nurses and Lab Technician/Technologist. Therefore any fresher candidate can apply in UAE.

Haad Exam Pattern

150 questions for the exam and the time frame is 3 hours. Passing Score is 70% – 80% depends on your specialty. Therefore, You have enough time to finish and revise the exam. But, the important thing is scoring 70-80%. So you need to prepare well before attending the exam. Remember, You have only THREE ATTEMPTS with your current experience. Failing the first attempt will increase your pressure, which will lead you to make more mistakes. Hence, we advise you to stay calm, prepare well, and goto the exam.

Exam Preparation Books

The last and most important step is the Haad Exam preparation. Most of the aspirations take it so easy and end up with disappointment. We, Rapid Access Guide has a wide range of books to prepare for the haad exam. Our latest books have all topics MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with correct answers, and explanation will help you to get deeper into the topics. Moreover, We have updated the book with Clinical and Theoretical questions according to the exam pattern. Many of them would say ” The head exam is very tough”, “It is not possible to clear it”. Don’t believe them, Trust yourself; Prepare Well and go with the exam with confidence. If you are serious and follow the above steps, you will pass the exam for sure. As a result, all our clients say that the exam was so easy to study using our books. You can also find all Prometric Exam Books if you are preparing any other Licencing exam. Doh AbuDhabi Contact details:

  • Address:Al Jewn Tower – Al – Muroor Rd – Abu Dhabi
  • Working Hours: 7.30 AM to 2.00 PM on weekdays ( Not open on Fridays and Saturdays )
  • Phone800555 or 02–4493333 (UAE) ( If you are calling from outside UAE – +97124493333 )

Note: DoH changes their Policies, Process, and Requirements from time to time. Please consult with them before proceeding with your application.

COMMENT BELOW If you have any doubts or concerns. Kindly send email to in**@me**************.com. So that We can revert you back as soon as we can.


  1. Dear sir/madam My wife is nurse in india. I am planning to bring her here in Abubdhabi and get her job. Currently she is studying for HAAD exam. Is it possible for her to do data flow from india and give an exam here in Abu Dhabi???
  2. Good morning, I am having my experience 2017 - 2019 after that I don't have any experience can I apply for haad Dataflow
  3. I'm a medical laboratory technologist, I have 3 years experience. I would like to apply for the doh license. Can you please give tell me the steps for it? Thank you.
    • Dear Sharon, You might not required prometric exam we believe. An Oral exam will be enough. Kindly check with HAAD ( DOH ) for further clarifications.
  4. Dear sir as you mention above more than two years expriance not allowed for data flow what is the solution to apply
  5. Hi I am specialist general surgeon qualified from South Africa 2015(fellowship on surgery) My documents already being verified by Dataflow and report being positive What should I do next to get UAE license,as I know that S.A qualification is exempted from Haad exam Regards
  6. Please sir how long does it take to finish credentialing after the dataflow verification is done with a positive response
    • Dear Abubaker, Once the Dataflow is done, 70% of work done. Now you can book the exam according to your schedule. You can find the updated study materials in our website. All the best.
  7. Hello sir, im a nurse in my home country amd im here now in Abu dhabi my last experience as a nurse is 2016, but as you've mentioned no need experience for nurses this July, can I apply for HAAD right now? And what are the steps? Thank you.
    • What we believe is, this option is for the fresh candidates. If you have a professional gap, kindly contact DoH office directly regarding the eligibility.
    • Right now, All UAE Health Authorities lifted the experience criteria for Nursing and Lab Department. So Freshers can apply. We suggest you to check with the concerned department to cross check the same.
    • Those who have minimum 3 years of clinical experience can apply as Internal Medicine. Even though, we are suggesting you to contact the respective health authority for further clarification as per your certificates.
  8. Hi, My wife was completed Nursing in 2018, but didn’t work since then. Now for the past 1 year she is working in india as Nurse. Is it possible to apply for HAAD?
  9. Dear Bella, Apply as soon as possible, because if you have a professional gap of 1 year or more, are not eligible. Even though, we are suggesting you to contact DoH for further assistance.
  10. Sir I m from nepal..I m pharmacist completed and acquired license of nepal want to gain license of dubai..which license will be perfect for me to have working in dubai?
  11. Dear ! My dataflow for HAAD is done with positive response,Please advise what to do next to book haad exam.as im unable to login at peasrson website. kindly also advise what is DOH application number in this case. Your help will be highly appreciated, Thanks
  12. Hi sir, I have 1 year experience in philippines and 1 year experience as dental nurse in saudi arabia. Can i apply for haad dataflow? Thanks
    • Dear Aaron, As per new guidelines, Nurses and Lab technicians are not required any experience to apply. kindly contact the DoH Authority to proceed.
  13. My moh exam was cleared but oral exam of moh is not cleared two attempts done ... now they block my account . And they are saying i m not eligible furthr for moh . ... can u plzz tell me cal i apply in haad or dha ... now .... with the same data flow ..
    • Dear Rabindra, Kindly our website www.medicalexambooks.com for buying the materials. Please note that, either you can buy hard copy book or Online Subscription.
  14. Hello Sir, I am a nurse from the Philippines, my last working experience was on April 202 and I just recently passed the NCLEX- RN exam. As stated from this article it said that in the month of July 2022 the Ministry has decided to take off the experience requirement for Nurses. I have the following questions. 1. Does that mean I am eligible to apply for dataflow even though I have a work gap of 2 years? 2. If I'll be eligible for dataflow, then as an NCLEX-RN passer can I also apply for the exemption of the HAAD exam? Thank you so much. I'm hoping to hear from you.
    • Dear Reese, Based on your query, please note the below query no. 1. As per our knowledge, the maximum gap should less than 1 year. Even though, we suggest you to check directly with haad. query no. 2. Exam is mandatory. Either online, or Oral. Which depends on the approval.
  15. Hi, may I know what is my next step after dataflow verification. My result is positive. Where and how can i schedule my HAAD exam?
  16. Good day, im a registered nutritionist-dietitian in philippines, i dont have hospital experience but im currently working as nutritionist-dietitian in community since 2018. Am i qualified to take the haad exam for clinical dietitian? Thank you
  17. Hi Sir. I received a POSITIVE PSV result a few weeks back and I am unsure about the next step. What do I need to do to proceed with my application? Thank you and hope you can help me.
    • Dear Toni, The entire process can divided into three. 1. application with doh 2. dataflow for your certificate verification 3. exam booking. Please contact doh and proceed with your application
  18. I graduated bsc optometry in 2018.but started working since 2020.niw I have 2yrs experience Am I eligible for HAAD exam?pls reply
  19. Hello. I am done with dataflow verification but have not received an email with user Id to complete my profile. Does it usually take long for them to give it, or is there anyone I should contact to get it?
  20. I m dentist by profession I have two years of practice experience from clinic as General dentist can I apply for doh my experience is not from a hospital its from clinic I worked there as General dentist for two years
  21. hi sir I cancelled my haad license in may 2021 and now i would like to work in abudhabi so can i re register my license
  22. Hello, I am a HAAD-DA licensed holder and currently working as a dental assistant here in AUH. Is it possible for me to take HAAD-RN exam since they did not require now experience? Thank you in advance.
  23. Respected sir I have completed my MBBS from Pakistan and currently doing fcps training in nephrology (2 years general medicine, 3 years nephrology), with this experience am I eligible to work as a gp in Abu Dhabi?
  24. Hi. I am a medical laboratory scientist from Ghana and also hold ASCPi certification. I would like to know if with the ASCPi, I will be exempted from the exam. Again how much is the cost of the data flow and how would I get a job giving I am in Ghana.
  25. Hi Sir. I am a nurse in my country Philippines. I apply for a nurse in the UAE. The Agency is the one making my dataflow account. I backed out when I found out that they didn’t pay the employees on time since i told them i back out. They asked me to pay them so i can retrieve my account since the dataflow send a verification already. My question is can i make another dataflow account since didn’t give my account to me.
  26. Hi my dataflow is under process , I want to inquire as should I have to give written exam or oral as I have more than 10 years of experience after FCPS . Thanks
  27. Hi, If a dentist has a gap of unemployment approx for more then 1 year, will DOH reject? (transferring Dataflow from DHA to DOH)
  28. Hi , Previously i work in CSSD back in 2007 now Im in UAE to start my Data Flow can i still use my previous experience ( work) as qualification
  29. Hi , Previously i work in CSSD back in 2007 now Im in UAE to start my Data Flow can i still use my previous experience ( work) as qualification?

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