DHA Exam Preparation | Detailed Syllabus Guide

DHA Exam Preparation

For the aspirants wishing to work in the healthcare field of Dubai, it is a must for you to have the license issued by the DHA / Dubai health authority. The health regulation department in Dubai provides the license on behalf of the DHA. If you are an aspirant who wishes to work in Dubai’s healthcare department, it is time to apply for the DHA license and pass the qualifying examination and the skill test. Success in the DHA will be possible only with the right strategy for DHA Exam Preparation. In this post let us take a brief look at how you can prepare for the exam and focus on the syllabus.

Who can apply for the DHA license?

The health regulation department of DHA is regulated to provide the license mandate to offer licenses to skilled and professional healthcare experts with the expected qualification. The DHA license is restricted to the following professionals

  • Physicians
  • Specialist Doctors
  • Dentists
  • All Dental Specialities
  • Nurses/Midwives
  • Allied Healthcare experts

You have to first apply for the license before appearing for the exam. You have to meet various requirements to get the license for the exam. The first step in the process is to go through a self-assessment test. You have to sign-up for the Shreyan account provided by the DHA. In the Shreyan account fill the required details and give submit. Based on the information provided in the Shreyan account, the DHA will either approve or reject your eligibility to move ahead in the process. Following the online assessment, you must go through CBT and PSV evaluation.

Focus on your syllabus

The key to DHA Exam Preparation is to understand the portions thoroughly. Only when you understand the syllabus, you can schedule your study plan. You shouldn’t overlook the syllabus as it differs based on the profession. If you focus on the wrong syllabus, the DHA Exam Preparation is going to go down the drain. You can select the materials based on the syllabus. The online assessment tools have thousands of questions curated for each subject. Rapid Access Guide also focuses on the pattern of the exam and the marking scheme of the exam.

Practice makes you perfect

The golden key to cracking the Prometric exam is practice. The more you practice the more is your chance to crack the exam and acquire the license and work in the Gulf countries. The practice tests conducted by assessment tools give a better hang of the test. After you practice with tons of practice and mock tests, the Prometric exam won’t be new but will be like any other practice test. For instance, DHA exam sample questions for doctors will make you proficient in the syllabus. The Online assessment tools have practiced multiple choice questions for DHA, MOH, OMSB, SLE, QCHP, and NHRA. The mock tests contain 100 questions and are 150 minutes in duration. As the mock tests are designed similar to the actual exams you will be perfectly prepared for the exams.

Bottom line

Don’t make any further delays and grab your subscription to online practice tools for solid DHA Exam Preparation. The Practice Tests will be your syllabus consolidator during last-minute revisions.

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