How to Apply for DHA Exam – General Guidelines for Prometric Test-Takers

How to apply for DHA Exam Licence

Many of the people on the planet are so amazed to work in Dubai. Mainly there are many opportunities in the medical field. So many Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centres, and Pharmacies make Dubai a fantastic job spot for the medical candidates. Moreover, these health specialties provide reasonable remuneration according to the specialty.

We are here explaining everything about how to apply for the DHA License and in the end, you will be able to understand How to pass the DHA Exam.

Dubai Health Authority (full form of DHA), previously known as the Department of Health (DOH), situated on the 26th floor of Office Towers in the Festival City, Provides various job opportunities for candidates from most of the countries. We will discuss more the DHA Exam pattern and DHA Prometric Exam.

Any aspirant who wishes to work in Dubai must go through the DHA Prometric Exam. Nevertheless, the license from following countries has an exception for DHA Licence; United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, Netherland, Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Norway, Finland, Austria, and Germany, (Upon approval from Dubai Health Authority) from Prometric Exam. Thus they may have an Oral (VIVA) Exam.

Before the application, check your eligibility in accordance with the DHA Guidelines. Nurses, Technicians, Paramedical, pharmacists, General doctors need a minimum of two years of experience from your home country or working country. All specialist doctors required three years of clinical experience for eligibility.

Certificates Required

Before you initiate the process, make sure that you have the below documents in PDF format less than 1 MB Size.

  1. Professional Certificate & Mark list
  2. Internship
  3. Experience certificate
  4. Good Standing Certificate
  5. License from your working country (Registration certificate)
  6. Passport size photo with white background (JPG or JPEG)
  7. Passport copy (Both side)
  8. BLS Certificate
  9. Log File (only for all specialist surgeons)

Registration with DHA Website

How to Apply for DHA Exam, DHA Exam Tips, Dubai Health Authority

Dubai Health Authority

DHA confers you the privilege to create an account with their website. Once you set up an account using your email, log in, and fill the details. You can do this by visiting the Licencing page on their website. You should save these user credentials because DHA Licence requires renewal every year.

Dataflow – Certificate Verification Process

After submission, It is necessary to undergo through Dataflow Process. Dataflow is a Certificate Verification Organization. They verify all your academic certificates and experience letter with the concerned department and make sure those are not FAKE. You don’t require Embassy, Ministry attestation for any of your certificates for the DHA exam process.

Dataflow normally takes 30 to 45 days to publish the report.

Once they have completed verification, a report will be sent to your email id.

If the report is “POSITIVE,” you can proceed with Exam booking with Prometric.

If the report is “NEGATIVE,” you cannot apply in the entire gulf countries. You can contact dataflow for a re-verification is there are any minor issues.

In the case of Fraudulent certificates or any other pressing issues, you will no longer be able to apply.

DHA exam tips,

Prometric Exam Booking

How to Apply for DHA Exam?

Prometric gives the option to choose an available date for the upcoming months. You can select the exam Centre out of 160 countries. There are three Exam timing generally at 7.30 AM, 9 AM, and 11 AM.

After a couple of days, the result will be notified through email.

DHA Exam Pattern

Years before DHA was conducting VIVA Exam(Oral Exam), times pass by, the technology changed. Now DHA has a partnership with Prometric, an International CBT Firm.

The Exam has taken place online by the Prometric in any of their testing centers.  The exam pattern is Multiple Choice Questions. You will be asked to select any of the best answers out the given four answers. There will be normal Questions as well as Clinical Questions asked.  Read each question and answer carefully and choose the Most Correct Answer.

Rapid Access Guide – Prometric Exam Study Materials

We are Publishers in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates providing exam preparation books for all medical specialties across gulf countries since 2000.

All our books have an array of Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with correct answers and explanations according to the exam pattern. Every year we update our books partially or fully depends on the exam changes.

Comprising all topics, these books will help pass the DHA Prometric Exam at the very first attempt.

You can find your Prometric exam preparation book on our website for the 2020 Exam.

If you need any doubts or any assistance for registration, please feel free to contact us.

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